Institutional Services Description
IndexArb provides institutional clients with information essential to trading in index-based futures, options, ETFs, and custom baskets.

Dividend Forecast with Juxtaposed History
Forecast is for the next two years. History is from 1998. The Forecast/History juxtaposition visually reveals dividend growth and ex-dividend date patterns and, more importantly, any deviations (positive or negative) with respect to the past.
Ex-Dividend Schedule
For optimal dividend capture and option portfolio management.
Thirty Day schedule for the Institutional Subscription and Two Year Schedule for the Advanced Services Subscription.
Number of Shares for each Stock in the S&P 500
Used to calculate the index and to determine accurate weights, aggregate dividends, index dividend points, fair value, and program trading buy/sell triggers.
Spider (SPDRs) Sector Membership
In Excel and text formats for easy sorting, manipulation, and program interfacing.
Fair value and Buy/Sell Program Trading Values
For major indexes in text format for easy sorting, manipulation, program interfacing, database construction, and backtesting.
Index divisors
For major indexes.
E-Mail Alerts
For noteworthy developments in the major indexes and analyses of the constituent stocks.
Institutional Services: The above services with the thirty day ex-div schedule: $600/quarter, $2,000/year
Advanced Services:   The two-year ex-div schedule and additional analyses: $10,000/year

Monitor all daily corporate press releases and government filings, harvesting relevant data for stocks in the indexes.
Market news events that we track include:
· Dividend announcements.
· Any change in the number of outstanding and floating shares, e.g., due to a split, merger/acquisition, or buyback.
· Index composition news: stock addition/deletions and quarterly index rebalancings.
· Earnings and business prospects news that alter our dividend coverage database.
Analyze each dividend announcement for any change in a company's policy (amounts and date patterns) by its board of directors.
Update our main database, which is leased to customers, for any changes in dividend history/forecasts, total outstanding and floating shares, and sector data.
Update our auxiliary, helper databases: these include our expected dividend announcement schedule, daily index arbitrage trigger levels, yield curve data, splits calendar, corporate finance changes (buybacks, debt/equity swaps, pending merger/acquisitions, etc.), and our electronic Rolodex of V.P. of Investor Relations for index stocks.
Run our suite of programs that cross-check the data for consistency and reasonableness, flagging suspicious items for manual review.
As necessary, telephone a company's V.P. Investor Relations to resolve any otherwise unsolvable issue.
Produce the daily IndexArb and Institutional Subscriber websites.

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