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Dividend Amounts for Stocks in
the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Updated: Saturday, Feb-18-2017
2:30am ET
Notes about the following table of dividend amounts.
  • Knowledge about dividends is important for index arbitrage because the fair value premium and the related buy and sell program levels are a function of the interest that would be earned on an amount equal to the spot index minus the amount of dividends earned. The time period for these interest and dividend earnings is from the current date to the expiration of the associated future. The dividends have to be adjusted by the index's divisor and, if the index is capitalization weighted, the dividends must also be weighted by the appropriate capitalization factor. The table below shows just the per share dividend amount.
  • Specifically, the estimated dividend amount for each stock below is our best estimate of the aggregate per share dividends that will be paid during the period beginning on Feb-21-2017 and ending on the expiration date of the future identified in the column heading.
  • Most companies pay dividends on a quarterly frequency; a few pay annually or semi-annually. The amount, timing, and growth of each dividend is forecasted from several years of dividend history, provided, of course, that the company has an established track record. Otherwise, the most recent (perceived) dividend policy is extended.
  • Internal values have a precision of at least twelve decimal places. Displayed values, however, are rounded to four decimal places.

Dividend Amounts (per share) for Dow Jones Industrial Average Stocks by Active Futures.
[Futures expiration date shown in brackets.]

Dow Jones Industrial Average Stocks MAR 2017
JUN 2017
SEP 2017
3M-    1.17502.3500
American Express-    0.32000.6400
Apple-    0.63001.2600
Boeing-    1.42002.8400
Caterpillar-    0.77001.5400
Chevron-    1.08002.1600
Cisco Systems-    0.29000.5800
Disney-    -    0.7800
Dupont-    0.38000.7600
ExxonMobil-    0.75001.5000
General Electric0.24000.24000.4800
Goldman Sachs0.65001.30001.9500
Home Depot0.79001.58002.3700
IBM-    1.50003.0000
Intel-    0.26000.5400
Johnson & Johnson0.80001.65002.5000
JPMorgan Chase-    0.48001.0100
Microsoft-    0.39000.7800
NIKE B0.18000.36000.5400
Pfizer-    0.32000.6400
Procter & Gamble-    0.68001.3600
United Technologies-    0.66001.3500
UnitedHealth Group0.62501.36502.1050
Verizon Communications-    0.57751.1550
Visa A-    0.16500.3300
Wal Mart0.51001.02001.5300

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