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Index Component Weights of Stocks
in the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Updated: Thursday, Mar-26-2015
7:40pm ET
Sorted by % Weight in the Index
(The following table is sorted by % Weight in the Index, in descending value.
 The table is sorted by stock name in the table at the bottom of this page.)

No.  Stock % Weight
 in the
Cum % Bar Graph of
 % Weight in the Index
 Goldman Sachs7.077.07
 UnitedHealth Group4.3933.94
 United Technologies4.3838.32
 Home Depot4.2442.56
10  Chevron3.9750.56
11  Disney3.9754.54
12  Johnson & Johnson3.7858.32
13  NIKE3.7562.07
14  McDonalds3.6965.75
15  ExxonMobil3.1868.93
16  Procter & Gamble3.1072.04
17  Wal Mart3.0975.13
18  Caterpillar3.0278.14
19  American Express2.9681.10
20  Dupont2.7183.81
21  Visa2.4886.29
22  JPMorgan Chase2.2588.54
23  Merck2.1790.71
24  Verizon Communications1.8392.54
25  Microsoft1.5694.09
26  Coca-Cola1.5295.62
27  Pfizer1.2996.91
28  Intel1.1498.04
29  Cisco Systems1.0299.06
30  General Electric0.94100.00

Sorted by Stock
(The following table is sorted by stock name. Rank is from the largest to the smallest weight in the index, coded as
 1 to 30, respectively. The preceding table is sorted by % Weight in the Index.)

No.  Stock Rank % Weight
 in the
Bar Graph of
 % Weight in the Index
 American Express192.96
 Cisco Systems291.02
10  Dupont202.71
11  ExxonMobil153.18
12  General Electric300.94
13  Goldman Sachs17.07
14  Home Depot84.24
15  IBM36.06
16  Intel281.14
17  Johnson & Johnson123.78
18  JPMorgan Chase222.25
19  McDonalds143.69
20  Merck232.17
21  Microsoft251.56
22  NIKE133.75
23  Pfizer271.29
24  Procter & Gamble163.10
25  Travelers94.03
26  United Technologies74.38
27  UnitedHealth Group64.39
28  Verizon Communications241.83
29  Visa212.48
30  Wal Mart173.09


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